JannaCycle Show

Unicycle & Juggling Show


In her Circus Street Show Janna shows her audiences what it means to unicycle for a lifetime. She performs world class unicycle tricks and manipulates and juggles multiple hats. She fascinates audiences by dancing on one wheel and elates kids by having them ride the unicycle with her together on her shoulders. As her grand finale she climbs up the tall unicycle and shows tricks you cant see anywhere else.

Promo Video

Technical needs

  • duration:           30 minutes (shorter versions possible)
  • space:               3m x 6m, hight: 4m,  flat & hard surface
  • Sound:               private batery powered soundsystem available (no electricity necessary)

Technical needs

Duration:      30 minutes                                                                (shorter versions possible)

Space:           3m x 6m, hight: 4m,                                                 flat & hard surface

Sound:           private batery powered                                           soundsystem available                                           (no electricity necessary)


StraKu Heilbronn 2021.

Buskerbus Festival, Zielona Góra, Polen, 2020.

Adelaide Fringe Festival, Australien, 2019.